Panthers Powerlifting is a strength gym equipped with all your strength and conditioning essentials.

Our gym is a community built gym focusing on providing support, motivation and encouragement to all of our members of all levels. Our highly experienced trainers are dedicated and passionate about delivering our members the best possible results. Whether that be strength, fitness, body composition or sporting related.

We're not your average commercial gym, training at Panthers Powerlifting means you're part of a team, with a positive and motivating atmosphere key for achieving results and longevity in your training.

Panthers Powerlifting specialises in strength training, powerlifting training, strongman/woman training, personal and group coaching and strength performance training.

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!


Colin Webb

Owner and Head Powerlifting Coach

Colin Webb is the owner and head coach at Panthers Powerlifting.

He's an established powerlifter having competed in multiple National, World and International championships. Winning nationals in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and medalling in both the deadlift and squat at the IPF Classic World Championships.

He is passionate about strength coaching and focuses on technique and safe progression. Working with beginners from the very early days of strength training up to National champions and individuals looking for a strength edge in their sporting endeavours.

Best Raw lifts

Squat 281kg, Benchpress 162.5kg, Deadlift 302.5kg at 93kg

Mobile 0403055462


Record boards

Tyron Senituli358kg
Colin Webb281kg
Steven Day245.5kg
James Balnaves235kg
Abe Walton230kg
Scott Miklejohn220kg
Sean Muir220kg
Lachlan Green205kg
Red Wiard155kg
Luci Gunning132.5kg
Jazmine Elliot130kg
Anna Montgomery125kg
Jess Riddell105kg
Charlotte Wallace102.5kg
Izzy Brown100kg
Holly Seglah97.5kg
Tyron Senituli241kg
Abe Walton185kg
Paul Cullen170kg
James Balnaves167.5kg
Colin Webb160kg
Sean Smith160kg
Scott Miklejohn152.5kg
Sean Muir135kg
WomensBench Press
Red Wiard85kg
Luci Gunning75kg
Jasmine Elliott65kg
Anna Mongtmonery65kg
Emma Bust65kg
Charlotte Wallace60kg
Izzy Brown57.5kg
Holly Seglah55kg
Tyron Senituli352.5kg
Colin Webb302.5kg
Paul Cullen290kg
Abe Walton285kg
Sean Muir265kg
Scott Miklejohn255kg
Devon Chorley242.5kg
James balnaves240kg
Raissa Volger170kg
Anna Montgomery167.5kg
Red Wiard165kg
Luci Gunning150kg
Jasmine Elliotte142.5kg
Alice Berents140kg
Jess Riddell135kg
Holly Seglah132.5kg